Facebook Anthem


Facebook Anthem

A lot of people use and love Facebook. But not everyone. This viral was created to redirect traffic to www.rebelvirals.com and has proved to be a big boost to their business.
Viele nutzen Facebook, viele lieben Facebook. Doch nicht alle. Das Viral wurde kreiert, um für Traffic auf www.rebelvirals.com zu sorgen. Das Ergebnis: Gute Auftragslage.

Director: David Sloly
Country: England
Year: 2008
Length: 1:48 min
Genre: Documentary
Website: www.rebelvirals.com

3 Responses to “Facebook Anthem”

  1. Hey man, you are right. Facebook deleted members with doubtful user names

  2. Hey, Facebook sucks. MySpace sucks too. LinkedIn rules.

  3. hahaha. thats so true

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