In the name of the man


In the name of man

Violence and how it is presented in the internet including users‘ comments.
Gewalt und ihre Darstellung im Internet einschließlich der Kommentare der User.

Director: D.A.R.Y.L.
Country: England
Year: 2007
Length: 3:47 min
Genre: Experimental
Producer: Jamie Clark
Editing / Schnitt: D.A.R.Y.L.
DoP / Kamera: User generated content.
Score / Musik: Plan B – In the name of Man

11 Responses to “In the name of the man”

  1. yas, dis ist so schune daryl.

  2. Real fine reality stuff!!!

  3. Felicidades, I really liked it!!!

  4. It is amazing how you can’t show titties on YouTube but violence is ok. A great video that needed to be done

  5. the entertainement with the violence…that´s terrible…
    nice video,

  6. this was a great video.
    it really showed the violence and some of the ignorance of people.
    i love the song as well.

    i hope you win.
    this deserves to get noticed.

  7. Itis depressing how ignorant the world seems to be and how many stupid f*** live on planet earth.

    Hope the Clip will win, because it shows the reality in perfection. Hopefully alot of politicians will watch it.

  8. Very powerful stuff – our kids are fucked. Thanks Gordon Brown / Tony Blair.

  9. there should be more stuff like this on the six o’clock news.

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  11. Der Clip läuft nicht -.-

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