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About fritz-kola
it can be done better, two friends told each other. and after scraping together a few thousand euros of start-up capital, in 2002 they founded fritz-kola in their student digs in hamburg/germany. their mission: to create a new kola better than everything offered by the big soft drinks companies. and it was no sooner said than done. the fritz-kola project has been led by the same approach to this day.

fritz-kola uses only glass bottles because they don’t affect the flavour or let carbon dioxide escape. unlike other materials, glass is 100% recyclable, making it much more sustainable. also when bottling fritz-kola and fritz-limo, we ensure that the processes are environmentally friendly, working with a company that is especially efficient in its use of resources. the energy used for production is generated from 100% renewable sources, and the use of water and cleaning agents has been considerably reduced. at fritz-kola, we are constantly involved in projects to make the production of our drinks more sustainable.

since a drink can only be as good as its ingredients, fritz- kola mainly works with family businesses and owner- managed enterprises. quality really matters to us. even the caffeine in our kola is natural. every drink we make is vegan. our kola contents real kola nuts and even the caffeine is natural. we add real lemon juice to fritz-limo and mischmasch instead of citric acid. fritz-kola, fritz-limo and mischmasch contain only the natural flavours of the listed fruit ingredients. the high juice content of our drinks delivers a refreshing fruity hit.

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