A Love Story In Milk

Country: England
Year: 2011
Length: 2:11 min
Genre: Romance
Director: Danann Breathnach
Producer: Stephen Follows
Client: Friends of the Earth
Script / Drehbuch: Stephen Follows
Editing / Schnitt: Danann Breathnach
DoP / Kamera: Benoit Soler
Music: Michael Csanyi-Wills
Sound: Michael Csanyi Wills
Website Director: http://vimeo.com/danannbreathnach

5 Responses to “A Love Story In Milk”

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  2. Clever idea, but still, I can’t help wondering: „Friends of the Earth“ is not opposed to the dairy industry…?

    Somewhat counter-intuitive, is it not? It’s a bit like our local cinemas making the ridiculously exaggerated claim that their decision to charge a minimal amount for 3D glasses enables you, the client, to „save the planet“…

    See, everyone seems to forget that in the mantra „reduce, reuse, recycle“, recycling is actually the LAST option…

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  4. Love this one- love is love right…..?! Until death departs…and even longer, even if you can never be together. This is what life is about…

  5. Erinnert etwas an das Musikvideo zu Coffee and TV von Blur.

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