Calling NSA

Country: The Netherlands
Year: 2013
Length: 3:30 min
Director: Bahram Sadeghi

11 Responses to “Calling NSA”

  1. smart and fun!

  2. nice.

  3. Very funny! Hope You win!

  4. Nice and funny

  5. This is just absolutely GENIUS! I love it. I wish I could see the person on the other side of the line, hehe.

  6. Uiterst geschikt filmpje voor een virtale prijs…..
    succes met de reacties

    groeten MATTHIEU

  7. !

  8. Kein Kommentar! :)

  9. Really smart and daring.

  10. Well done Bahram!

  11. Super cool ממש גדול!בכיתי מצחוק

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