Polar Bear

Director: Daniel Kleinman
Country: England
Length: 0:56
Johnnie Frankel
Script / Drehbuch:
Editing / Schnitt: Adam Spivey @ The Quarry
DoP / Kamera:
Anthony Moore @ Factory
Website Director: www.rattlingstick.com
Website Client: www.planestupid.com

10 Responses to “Polar Bear”

  1. […] letztere gibt es dieses Jahr einen extra Preis für das “Beste politische Viral”. Mein Favorit steht ja schon fest, wie ihr oben sehen könnt. Obwohl ich diese Stop-Motion-Animation auch […]

  2. […] Polar Bear […]

  3. Simple, succinct, straight to the point, no bullshit, unforgettable!
    And absolutely important!
    Now more than ever it is vital that we all understand, in no 1/2 words, the impact on the planet, of the cosummerist lifestyle choices we make!…
    This insanity has to stop!…
    The expansion of the flying industry is not only destroying the planet in the long run…
    It destroys lives all the time!… The noise, the pollution, the devastation it creates around itself!…
    We need to learn to be responsible!…

  4. Good film. 3D version, please. Gute Film. 3D version, bitte.
    Solidarity – Solidaritat!


  5. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by rafael and Leonardo Gaete, rafael . rafael said: cuidemos el medio ambiente — esto si que es un viral —- http://urlcorta.es/3cmk […]

  6. The polar bear video hits the message home as hard as people need to take action. In the age where theres so many predictable campaign virals – videos such as this which portray an important message, through creative, non-preachy ways and with sophisticated imagery should be applauded.

  7. […] and “millennium bug”. That is, unless you’ve been nominated for the Viral Video Award 2010. Apparently out of 500 submissions, 20 were selected for the public vote – including our […]

  8. What a load of bollocks

  9. […] Preis für das beste politische Viral ging an den Klimafilm “Polar Bear”, der Publikumspreis an “Nice Game”, ein Video, das den Einsatz von Kindersoldaten […]

  10. […] Viral Video Award sind gleich mehrere Filme mit Klimabotschaften vertreten. Spektakulär wird mit Eisbären gegen die Vielfliegerei geworben oder in einem anderen Film Klimaschutz einfach […]

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