The Basement

The BASEMENT Beirut from Sary Sehnaoui on Vimeo.

Director: Sary Sehnaoui
Country: Lebanon
Year: 2009
Length: 1:11 min
Genre: Short Fiction
Producer: Sary Sehnaoui, The Fantastic Film Factory
Script / Drehbuch: Jade Souaid (Concept ),  Sary Sehnaoui
Editing / Schnitt: Lea Maria Cremona
DoP / Kamera: Elias Haswani
Animation: Jihad Boustany
Sound: Marc Codsi
Score /Musik: Banging in The Star – LUMI (Jade & The Diamond Setter rework)
Cast: Jad Abu-Ezzedine / Patricia Keyrouz

59 Responses to “The Basement”

  1. yeah, look away from the problems, party, party, party.

  2. I think that it is a good representation of our generation of party people…but, escapism or “Joy de Vivre“, that is the question. I personaly prefer to view it as “Joy de Vivre“, until the end of times!

  3. By far „The Basement“ has more effort, more tact, more style and more talent. I wouldn’t like to see it miss.

  4. Very nice video !
    It reflects the real essence of Beirut’s night life…

    Good luck Sary !!

    Looking for more beautiful Videos :-)


  6. Definitely the best one so far… I love the beginning, and the end smack-in-the-face, Feels like you’re partying live in Basement- Beirut!
    All i can say: Amazing direction! keep it up 😀

  7. Basement reflects a reality that we can almost touc nd feel

  8. Genial! J’ai adoré!

  9. AMAZING! Great Job!

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  11. Great….Great…Job!!! J’ai beaucoup aime….Et bien du talent il y en a……..

  12. Great

  13. PERFECT Video…
    Great Job guys!!!

    BASEMENT will always be the BEST place to party!!

  14. Thats a grate Video…Basment for life…Jade when ur on stage ur smile make all the girls crazy !

  15. Loved it! Reflects reality …

  16. that’s amezing 😉

  17. amazinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg uuuffffffffffffffffff

  18. a basement with one window. Music

  19. and u ask why allllllllll ppl like to come to Lebanon?!!! ur video is exactly great answer 😉
    i like it

  20. Sorry to be the party pooper here…but as much as i love Jade as an outstanding DJ and leb artist and surely Mr Sehnaoui as well, i simply hated the concept of this ad for the simple reason it reflects at the end the desolation and destruction of Beirut and the „who gives a fuck let’s just go back inside and party“ which is the exact attitude of irresponsability we suffer from out here in lebanon!!!! but am still voting for this clip by solidarity with my fellow lebanese compatriots and The Basement that i find a very cool underground club, i was there the day it opened its doors and have been a big fan and supporter of Jade since always….

  21. ktyrr 2awe el video ouff!!!amazing

  22. love it. the insights behind this film are so true, this is so Lebanese Basement style!
    keep it up

  23. wawwwwwwwwwwwwww


  25. This place SUCKS…. F@#$ the Basement… and F#@% its cold dark underworld CULT…

  26. this is …. AWESOME !!! 😀 Long Live The Unerground !! Long Live Basement !


  28. I love it !!! Excellent short movie :)))

  29. full support! great video…living in milano and so far nothing like the basement (looks wise and music wise) and NOTHING like the Lebanese nightlife and spirit.
    Spreading the word here.

    As for miss aicha’s labban comment.

    Well it’s true what you said but at the same time it’s what keeps us going at some point and yes believe it or not lebanon has been on an unstable political roller coaster for ages now and that’s how the people coped with that and it is part of our culture and our ability to go on, that goes for everything else not just clubbing.

  30. It’s amazing, and i am part of this club !!

    it’s my home :)

  31. The film was a gr8.. but the ending’s too much over.. i was better if you guys filmed the real outdoor of The Basement and had yourselfs some better and more realistic way of view.. okay lebanon is f*cked hard but this isn’t something to be honored with.. 10/10 for editing and sfx.. the guy looked so stupid in the end =d

  32. HOW DO WE VOTE!?


  34. Great

  35. another sary sehnaoui masterpiece… best of luck!

  36. Good iuck…Miro

  37. Full support!!
    we love it

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  39. The Lebanese spirit, a phoenix rising from beneath the ashes of destruction . . . full support, gr8 concept, very well done.

  40. Good Luck Sari…. Kisses

  41. Bad Concept!! You are just harming Beirut picture in this movie just for revealing a normal clubbing night in Beirut!
    Shame On you!

  42. Well done Sari

    I really loved It

  43. stupid video and as usual – using the already destroyed image to push someone else’s plans. you know foreigners care more about destroyed building rather than new modern ones.

  44. Loved it until the part when the couple wanted to go out. Having a city in disaster and the safety is only restricted underground the club horrified my foreign friends who were watching this & asking „it’s not your first time lebanese with this indifferent attitude!“ enjoy your party on misery’s ashes. Hard to explain this to canadians I guess :s

  45. Good Job Sary! Excellent video!

  46. To all of you who dislike the shocking content of this video and find it „immoral“:

    First of all guys, this is a VIRAL, it’s suppose to be shocking or outrageous by definition.

    Concerning the end of the video, where all Beirut is reduced to ashes: Don’t you think it’s a cynical mockery of the political situation there? Take the last political event for example, all the population, the press including the foreign press had their hopes on the last MP elections to cease the political blockade.. Six month have passed…and still no new government! The population has no control whatsoever on the course of their politics.
    I feel the end is just a stretched mockery of what is going on there… Yes Beirut is in aches, but what can we do? Nothing! Lets go back to party.

    Keep it up Sary… you’ve done an amazing job!

  47. Genial !!!!
    Bravo !On attend les autres petits chefs d’oeuvre

  48. Could do better! animation saved it but I will vote for this!
    viva BAZMANT!


  49. nice video… and good luck for it guys!!!

  50. Lovely

  51. i love it :)

  52. @ karim: Maybe you should check the history of revolutions. I am no leftist by the way…A tour in Europe history can do you good for example… this is hilarious :“Yes Beirut is in aches, but what can we do? Nothing! Lets go back to party.“
    BRAVO *clapping hands*

  53. lovely:) gr8 lebanese talents!

  54. vote! (:

  55. It;s Safer Underground!and more fun guaranteed!

  56. Great work:) Creative and thought provoking at the same time.

  57. Beautiful ad Sary!

  58. Great work Sari!!! Life beneath destruction… this is so representative of the reality

  59. Great Work!!! :)

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