Let Calcutta Surprise You

Country: India
Year: 2011
Length: 3:14 min

Director: Kritika Malhotra
Producer: Priyanka Rungta

Client: YPO Kolkata Chapter
Editing: Arko Sen
Script: Arkadeb Bhattacharya, Kritika Malhotra, Priyanka Rungta
DoP: Arko Sen
Sound: Arko Sen
Music: stock
Animation: Amar and Sabhyasachi Sen
Cast: Amar and Sabhyasachi Sen

21 Responses to “Let Calcutta Surprise You”

  1. Fabulous
    I am proud of you Priyanka


  2. awesome one…….. really nice and creative. hats off ……

  3. Nice one and nice direction

  4. Its really good….awesome to see by the movement of hands express a lot to the world.

  5. hands and mind wonderful.

  6. Mesmerizing and Brilliant……you can just keep watching it again and again.

  7. great work!!

  8. The tiger and mother Tersa were so awesome! Hats off for the creativity!

  9. The tiger and Mother Teresa were so awesome! Hats off to the innovators!

  10. excellent piece of work.

  11. Too good for words.Awesome.

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  13. Kritika Malhotra !!

    Good Job !! Keep it up !!

  14. Good creativity and direction and awaiting more creative thoughts and extravaganza from you people in future.

    Wish you all the best.


  15. Awesome…

  16. Nice and creative work with hand and fingers and covers major events and happenings of calcutta.Keep it up.

  17. awesome!!

  18. Awesome, but this needs a few revisions. Some sections are just great but some sections needs additional touches. I loved most the section where the Howrah Bridge was shown.. just awesome.

  19. excellent….no doubt:):):)

  20. Super!!!!

  21. Very nice video.

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