A Crash Course to Shine

Country: Germany
Year: 2012
Length: 1:12 min
Genre: Internet Film
CD: Marc Isken, Nils Haseborg
AD: Lilli Langenheim
Copywriter: Valerie von Meiss
Production Company: Mr.BOB Films
Agency Producer: Susi Schneider
Artist: Nikkie de Jager
Project Manager: Hakan Cirak
Set: Croft Comany

Director: Milo
Producer: Ben Foehr
Client: Volkswagen AG

Editing: Sebastian Gross, Pirates’n Paradies
Script: Lilli Langenheim, Valerie von Meiss
DoP: Michael Schreitel
Sound: Giesingteam Kai Hoffmann

Website Project: dont.makeupanddrive.com
Website Client: Volkswagen AG

28 Responses to “A Crash Course to Shine”

  1. greaaaat, love it!

  2. WOW! This one blew me away.

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  4. yeah!

  5. Yeah, great work!

  6. Shocking!

  7. Great job!

  8. love this!

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  10. omgoodness, that scared the crap out of me!


  12. you scared the living shit outta me! I had seen this before and completely forgot about this… my heart jumped out of my chest for about 5 seconds… LOVE IT!

  13. i didnt not expect that to happen at the end!!!

  14. HOLY HELL THAT SCARED ME SO MUCH AT THE END!!! Amazing though :)

  15. Definitely vote for yah pretty.. OMGosssshh I was watching the vid and I was like O_O …in the end of the vid.. Holly Molllyy


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  17. omg I nearly fell off my chair!! lol

  18. amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Ugh I freekin‘ love it!! I actually got a little freaked out, didn’t expect that! Loved the makeup too btw haha! Groetjes!

  20. WOW!!!! not only was that amazing but you scared the POOP out of me !!!

  21. That scared the shit out of me!! Omg, but I can tell you it’s very effective I’ll never drive and make-up when I get my driving license.

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  23. Oh I loved this video since it’s first broadcast.

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  25. […] Publikumspreis ging an das Viral „A crash course to shine“ von Volkswagen. Der Film, als Make-up-Tutorial der Niederländerin Nikkie de Jager […]

  26. OMG im a Make-Up Artist myself!

    And it scared the shit outta me!

    hahaha lovedit! x

  27. Impressive..great message…excellent video…..great job.

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