Face the Music

Director: Ian W. Gouldstone
Country: England
Year: 2008
Length: 2:50 min
Genre: Animation
Producer: Andy Gordon, Sound Films
Script / Drehbuch): Ian W. Gouldstone
Editing / Schnitt): Ian W. Gouldstone
Sound: Ian W. Gouldstone, Tim Cullen
Score /Musik: Ian W. Gouldstone, Tim Cullen
Animation: Ian W. Gouldstone, Martin Lye
Website: www.oxfam.org.uk

4 Responses to “Face the Music”

  1. Amazing video! And such a massive issue, I hope it makes a lot of impact on people.

  2. Brilliant contemporary spot, love it!

  3. Strong sense of impending chaos and overwhelm. Great piece.

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