Roll up! Roll Up! … Welcome to Coal World

Country: Australia / Czech Republic
Year: 2012
Length: 2:21 min

Director: Daniel Bird
Producer: Daniel Bird
Client: Greenpeace Australia Pacific

Editing: Daniel Bird
Script: Daniel Bird
Sound: Daniel Bird and Bystrouska Studios
Music: DeWolfe and Hector Awol
Animation: Jaroslav Mrazek
Designer: Nick Purser and Jaroslav Mrazek
Illustrator: Edward Ward
Production Company: Savage

Website Client: Greenpeace Australia Pacific
Website Project: Greenpeace Save the Reef

9 Responses to “Roll up! Roll Up! … Welcome to Coal World”

  1. Excellent!

  2. Great work!

  3. Congratulation, excellent work!

  4. Great Video, hopefully it wins!

  5. GREAT!
    Pretty well done – I hope that one wins the contest!

  6. Great – Hope it wins but more than that I hope it works and saves the reef

  7. Hoping that every kid in Australia watches this – and starts to see what the old farts are allowing to happen! What can you do? What must we all do….

  8. Brilliant! Very informative, creative and very well crafted video.

  9. Fun and informative. Hope that it has the effect required

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