Vytautas Mineral Water! It’s Earth’s Juice!

Country: Lithuania
Year: 2012
Length: 2:30 min

Director: Tadas Vidmantas
Producer: Tadas Vidmantas
Client: Made without client’s approval. Later I was hired by Vytautas to do other ads for them.

Editing: Tadas Vidmantas
Script: Tadas Vidmantas
Sound: Tadas Vidmantas
Animation: Tadas Vidmantas
Cast: Marius Repsys

Website Director/Producer: www.tadasvidmantas.com
Website Client: www.bmv.lt

11 Responses to “Vytautas Mineral Water! It’s Earth’s Juice!”

  1. it is highly disturbing but made me laugh. good job, guys !

  2. Truely hilarious! Very well made. And very good advertisement too. Would like to drink Vytautas even though I am a woman ;-))

  3. Pure awesomeness

  4. Such a great ad ;o

  5. Ok so i got milk, i got a banana, i also got a crossbow, now i just need to find a jet-plane in the sky, so i could knock it down with a crossbow for my cocktail.

  6. Pure awesomeness indeed!!! xD

  7. DRINK IT!

  8. I drink it every morning, in all time zones. Twice.
    So you’d better pack me up some more of Vytautas.

  9. Ha ha, wicked good fun!

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  11. Kim F. – I love glutenfree girl, my son has a lot of the same aleligres and it is hard to feed him and get the rest of the family on board as well.Luckily both kids like gluten free noodles with homemade pasta sauce so that is an easy go to meal. We also love Daiya cheese, we totally tell people that William is vegan it makes it easier for people to feed him. BTW we do tacos and Trader Joe’s makes an awesome taco shell that is gluten and vegan.Another easy snack is coconut yogurt. Our whole family loves coconut yogurt shakes with rice milk. Good luck! We are on the same allergy journey!

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